Grape Growing in New York

Grape growing is not only the world's biggest fruit industry, but undoubtedly its oldest, for grapes were known in prehistoric times. Imprints of grape leaves have been found in limestone formations in France which were thousands of years old.

Early in our country's history, settlers had many failures trying to raise European grapes. Ephraim Wales Bull developed the popular Concord grape in Concord, Massachusetts. The original grapevine is still growing near a monument of 1849.


It is a sad fact that New York state grapes, freshly picked from vines all over the Empire State, are available to us for all too short a time. We can do nothing about the short season for our grapes, but we can eat them profusely while they are available, and then, later, we can drink the juice pressed from them while they are dead ripe. We can also enjoy the jellies and marmalades made from grapes as well as the many other food delicacies that can be made with grape filling.

One of the most plentiful grapes in our area is the Concord. This variety is known as a "slip-skin" type and, because the skin of the Concord is a good source of iron, it is well to use the skins whenever possible.

Although the nutritive value of the grape was taken for granted for many generations, our research scientists of a few years back were quite surprised themselves when they settled down to a full-fledged analysis of the grape's value and found it possessed an amazing number of nutrients necessary in a well-balanced diet.

Grapes contain dextrose, which is a sugar ready to be taken immediately into the system without prior preparation by the digestive organs, and converted immediately into energy. Aside from a proportionately high content of carbohydrates, an important element in grapes is protein. This element builds up the tissues which we are constantly breaking down during our daily activities. More than that, grapes rate fairly high in elements that help our systems in building bone, teeth and, generally, making us healthy. Grapes contain vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, as well as several minerals essential for good health.

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