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Burgess Country Acres

Burgess Country Acres

Bob, Cathy, Pat and Bill Burgess

Burgess Country Acres Farm is currently owned and operated by William, Patricia and Robert Burgess. Located on East Lake Road in Ripley, they maintain 34 acres of Concord and 1 acre of Niagara grapes.

In 1967 Bill starting managing his uncle's 7 acres while working full time on the railroad. After his uncle's passing, he acquired ownership and in 1972 he bought 28 acres from the neighbor, which was a portion of the original Burgess farm. Bill and Pat live in the home Bill was born in and was built by his grandfather, on the original farm. All 5 of their children --Scott, Kim, Jim, Robert and Mark -- were raised there.

In September 1998 the farm partnership was developed, taking in Robert as the other partner.

Bill retired from the railroad in 1997. Since retiring, son Robert has taken over most of the farm management while Pat and Bill spend their winters in Florida. Bob's wife Cathy has taken over the bookkeeping from Pat.

Bill and Pat have 15 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

Bill was on the Board of Directors for Growers for 20 years. Both Pat and Bill are very involved in the Ripley United Methodist Church and Gideons Ministry.

Bob works full time as a flight medic for W.C.A Services in Jamestown and Cathy is an RN and nursing supervisor for the Chautauqua County Health Department in Dunkirk. They live in Westfield and have 3 children.

All of Bill and Pat's children have, at one time, been involved with helping in the vineyards as well as most of the grandchildren. Some of the grandchildren are still helping (even the very young ones). Working as a family has had its rewards. Too many families today don't get that privilege. Farm work offers this opportunity.

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