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Mike and Toni Naeser

Mike and Toni Naeser

Mike is the son of the late Max and Olga Naeser. In 1975 his parents purchased their home and 38.5 acre farm on West Main St. in Westfield and became members of the Growers Co-Op. Besides taking care of the grapes, Max worked as a Business Manager for the Westfield School District. Olga was the backbone of the family when it came to the passion she had for grapes, which she got from her parents Walter and Anna Baran who also had a grape farm in Westfield. She gave her son the drive to get involved in the grape business and to carry on the grape growing tradition for a third generation.

Mike is a graduate of Westfield Academy Central School while Toni is a native of Baldwinsville, NY and a graduate of C.W. Baker High. Both Mike & Toni graduated from Cornell University where they met. In 1984 Mike's dad passed away prompting him to move back from Cornell to help out at home. In 1987 Toni & Mike were married and lived in Westfield on Cottage St. until 1988 when they purchased their own house and 10 acre farm on Rt 380 in Brocton, NY. Their Concord Grapes were then contracted with Growers Co-op. Mike recalls how grateful he was to Growers to take them in as a new member. Mike studied Pomology (Fruit Science) while attending Cornell which gave him the knowledge to stay ahead of the many changes in our industry over the past 20 years.

With the passing of his Mom in 2004, they sold their farm in Brocton to Mike Johnston and moved back to Westfield in 2005 to take care of his mother's grapes. Besides tending to those 38.5 acres, he leases 2 acres from Dick Clute and also leases 19.5 acres of Concord and 2 acres of Niagara grapes that he delivers to National Grape Cooperative.

Toni is employed with Larry Romance & Son Inc. in Sheridan, NY as a Parts Manager. She & Mike both enjoy traveling when they can find the time with their busy schedules. They are also animal lovers especially when it comes to cats & dogs. They both have spent time volunteering their services at our festivals and are truly one of our regular patrons when it comes to buying our juice. Mike and Toni are always promoting and spreading the word about all the health benefits and great taste of Concord Grape Juice wherever and whenever they can. For me it was pleasure to be able to sit down and chat with them, they are both such a fine and devoted couple.

In closing, Mike & Toni wished to say "Thank you" to everyone (Past & Present) at Growers for marketing their grapes and allowing their family farm to succeed for 30+ years.

By Chris Bertrando, Administrative Assistant

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